Living Peaceably With Unbelievers And Maintaining Your Faith

Living amongst people with different ideologies, convictions and lifestyles has always been one of man’s greatest struggle. 
Countless riots, fights and broken relationships have stemmed from the fact that we have different values and convictions and are ready to give up anything for the course.

While it is good to stand for a worthy cause, it is also important to be able to live with people who do not agree with you on that.

As a Christian, as much as you’d love everyone to see the beauty of your lifestyle and adopt it, not everyone will, so you must find ways to live with people regardless.

If you’ve been in that position before, then you’ll agree with me that it is easier said than done. Two things usually go wrong.
i) You can “hold on” so much to your faith and end up making enemies with everyone who shows any difference. 
ii) You can become ashamed of being different and in a bid to be like “them”, end up compromising.

First of all, you’d have to understand that it’s perfectly okay to be different. Your difference creates your uniqueness. Don’t be under pressure to conform.

Deliver yourself from the pressure to become a certain kind of way.

Doing this will require wisdom and balance and that’s why I’m sharing a few helpful tips on how to maintain your faith (as a Christian) and still live in peace with people of different faith.

PS: This doesn’t just apply to living with people of different faith. It also applies to living with people who seemingly are Christians too but lack depth or have gross nonchalance for things of God. (Living with this category of people can be frustrating too).

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